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Stirling is one of the main cities in Scotland which is draped in the proud history of Scotland. Stirling has a lot to offer to the many tourist and visitors that visit Central Scotland. The City centre alone boasts some of the most beautiful historic architecture, let alone the beauty and craftsmanship held within the confines of the Stirling Castle.

The Stirling's Heritage has been working over the last nine years to bring these historic assets of the City of Stirling to the eyes of the public and indeed to the eyes of Scotland. Over the past six years it has opened to doors to many of the heritage sites throughout the city, allowing the public to come and see first hand these various sites. These sites are not confined only to historic building but indeed to a wide range of different buildings and places that contribute to the character of the city and its people.

This year is no exception and the doors again are being opened on the September 11th and 12th to the public. The theme this year is 'places of worship' and the Islamic centre is opening its doors to the public allow anyone to visit and see the running of the centre. They can view the building and the modifications by the community to convert it into a Muslim place of worship. There will an opportunity to speak to some of the local Muslims and get information about the centre.

The Imam will also be present in case you wish to pose any questions specifically to the Imam. There will be a number of guides who can give you a tour around the centre or pick up a leaflet and look around yourselves.

It is kindly requested that ladies wear a trousers and a scarf. This is in keeping with the Islamic tradition. There will be opportunities to ask questions to the guides or the Imam of the Mosque on any aspect of Islamic tradition or teachings. If you would like a preview tour of the centre before or after the event then please click on visits or drop us an email and we can organise a visit for individuals or small groups.

There will be a number of sites available throughout Stirling which are opening their doors to the public at various times over this weekend. The Islamic centre will be available for this event from 10am - 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

A Publicity leaflet is avaiable which lists all the sites and timings. for more details please send us an email.