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Unique Scripture: The Quran is our religious scripture revealed to Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago. This book holds a unique place in the history of religious scripture because it is the only book which has remained unchanged from the day it was revealed until today. It is the only religious scripture, as far as I know, which has been memorised by millions of its followers throughout the ages. Even today there is about half a dozen Hafiz within our own community.

Correct Tajweed: One of the requirements of the Quran is that it must be read with correct pronunciation and sounding. This science of correct recitation is called Tajweed. All the centres teach the Quran with correct Tajweed to the community, adults and children alike. To demonstrate how well the classes are taught, a children's competition between the four centres was held in Falkirk Mosque.

Competition: The event was well attended with parents and teachers from all four centres. The Judges were invited from Glasgow who have excelled in this particular branch of Qu'ranic Study. There were two categories where children would recite sections of the Quran by memory. The age limit was sixteen years old with many children as young as five participating. There were six children from each centre, three in each section. The stage was thus set for a competition - the first of its kind in Central Scotland.

Objectives: The aim of the competition was not to compare the different centres but more to inspire the children and parents to participate in these classes and to generate a love for the Quran. This was also a chance for the community to see the excellent level children are being taught at the centres. The audience was mesmerised by the beautiful recitation from the children and the judges were equally impressed by the exceptional level attained by the participants.

Winners: The completion was close, as would be expected, with little difference between them at the top of the list. The judges had to make a tough decision on picking the winners from each category. The judges were not made aware of which children came from which centre but the awards were distributed as such: One award to Musalla as Salaam: One to Sarajia Islamic Studies; Two to Falkirk Islamic Centre and Two to Central Scotland Islamic Centre. The overall awards went to Bathgate and Stirling whose students won one top award from each category. The award for best teacher was given to Imam Arif of Central Scotland Islamic Centre in recognising of his effort and professionalism in teaching the children.

Future Adults: The judges also had a few words to say on the importance of bringing up children with love and understanding in our society. They discussed what effects a negative or neglected upbringing will have on this generation of future adults. The effects of bad examples set by parents and on the influence of television were also discussed at length.

Annual event: The management committee of the Falkirk Islamic Centre had organised refreshments for all those who attended. The whole event was praised by everyone and hailed as a positive step to promote the learning and teaching of the Quran. This will inshallah be an annual event on the calendar so keep your eyes on the events page on your website.