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The Falkirk Islamic Centre, inside out. Please browse the gallery to find out about the centre and if you wish to see the real thing then please drop us an email.
  •  testThe falkirk Islamic centre main entrance
  •  testThe main prayer hall with a study area and book case. The lines on the floor help keep lines straight during the congregational prayer
  •  testThe main prayer Hall with Mimbar and Mehrab
  •  testThe Imam's prayer mat (musalla) from which he leads the five daily prayers
  •  testAnother view of the prayer hall. The walls are covered with a wall carpet so people can sit in comfort
  •  testThe Wudhu area of the mosque
  •  testWudhu Area with seven seating places and warm waterfor making ablution (wudhu)
  •  testAnother view of the Wudhu area. Notice the red anti-slip mat. No shoes or slippers are allowed on it.
  •  testThe main study room where two classes can take place. The students sit on the ground and put their books on the desks.
  •  testA closer image of the wooden desks used for teaching.
  •  testA kids eye view of the classroom
  •  testThe entrace to the study room
  •  testThe shelving unit contains copies of the Qur'an and other books used in the teaching of Islam.
  •  testThe five daily prayer timings. The extra clock is to let everyone know of the prayer time for Jummah (Friday prayer)
  •  testThe wooden ornament is the Kalima (the most basic teachings of Islam - tawheed and risallah). This has been carved from wood.