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Welcome to our Open Day 2007. This years Open day will take place on the first of July 2007 (1/07/2007) and the doors will open at 10am. The Open day will last until 5pm so anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim can drop in anytime during the day or even come in to lend a hand.

The open day provides a great opportunity for everyone to come into the Islamic centre and have a look around at their own leisure. They can join in one of the many guided tours and learn a little about the different functions and services offered by the centre to the whole community.

Islamic clothes stall - you can try the clothes from different parts of the Muslim world and even get a photo taken.

Book stall - books about Islam can be purchased as will as prayer mats, miswaqs, Lectures, videos ...

Leaflet - There will be a number of leaflets talking about the aspects of the Islamic faith which affect Scottish Muslim and the world Muslim community

Seating area - a seated and rest area where people can sit and chat with each other or chat with members of the Muslim community.

Halal food stall - food can be sampled from different parts of the Muslim world. You can experience the sweet and the spicy that our community has to offer.

Exhibition - There will be an exhibition in the community hall with a number of informat posters and artifacts about Islam. Islamic History will also be touched upon.

Guided tours - There will be a number of tours during the day where members of our community will show you around and give you an insight into Muslim life.

Meet the Imam - You will get many opportunities to meet and chat with the Imam. You can chat over a cup of tea or even wander around the centre and get a personal tour!

Friendship - this is an invitation to come and meet the Muslim community and help forge a friendship based on mutual love, respect and understanding.

Questions and Comments - A chance to ask questions regarding any aspect of Islam and to comment about your visit

We hope you get the opportunity to visit the centre and we look forward to meeting you on the day.