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Alloa Community: Alloa is a part of the wider Muslim community of Central Scotland. The Alloa community has and involved in all affairs of the Central scotland Islamic Centre and to a lesser extent the Falkirk Islamic centre. This is the case from the very inception of both centres and is also the case vise versa.

Unity: What unites all three centres is the fact that we all share the same objectives and out hearts beat to the rhythm of Lailah illallah... All the Muslims of Central Scotland had one centre in Stirling. over time as the communities grew, other centres were established and the services offered have also improved and increased.

Musalla: Alloa has two Musalla at this moment in time, and has had so for a number of years. The main aspect of a Musallah is to provide a prayer for the local Muslims, if there are no mosques nearby.

The Musalla is primarily a place for prayer and worship. It also serves the purpose of a center for religious study, as is the case of all Masjids/Mosques/Musalla.

Musalla As-Salaam: The Musalla as-salaam is on Whins Road in Alloa. For the past three years Muslims have been praying in this building on a regular basis. The Muslims were those who worked nearby, local Muslims who drop in when its time for prayers and thirdly, Muslims who may be working in alloa, example delivery drivers, who pop in when its time for prayer.

Official Musalla: It was decided in March 2003 that the centre should be expanded for two main reasons. Firstly, a local base in Alloa was required that was open to the public for all five prayers. Secondly, a local base in Alloa was needed to teach Children, previously traveling to Falkirk and Stirling.

Construction: Planning permission was applied for and received. The centre is in the process of getting prepared for Ramadan. Additional toilets and wudhu area is getting prepared as well as a number of partitioning walls to separate it from the rest of the building on Whins Road.

May Allah provide success to this project