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Community: A community is a group of different people that live collectively as one people. This group may have diverse backgrounds such as beliefs, languages, ideals and race. However, the community continues to peacefully co-exist even though there may be groups of people with conflicting thoughts and ideals.

Even at the time of the prophet, there were many people that made up the Muslim community, often from many different backgrounds and status in the community. It was only through equality, love and the mutual respect that Islam gave them that it became a model community.

Healthy community:For this healthy community to exist and develop, there has to be mutual respect and tolerance for each other and a respect for each other's differences and rights. There may be a predominant religion, culture or frame of mind that mustn't be allowed to smother others who don't have the same beliefs or customs.

Principles: In history, wherever we find Muslim rulers that ruled by the principle of the Quran and Sunnah, other cultures and religions flourished under their rule. For example, in Muslim Spain, under Islamic rule, this was the golden age of the Jews. Christianity was allowed to implement their own religious laws and abide by their own cultures and beliefs. This was tolerance and mutual co-existence during which Spain became the centerpiece of culture, progress and knowledge.

Within our own communities, we should never be in a position where a group or people are despised or treated unjustly because they are different from others. Allah has given everyone rights and guidelines which we should always adhere to and implemented.

Equality: Many people accepted Islam because of its love, tolerance, brotherhood and equality. Our own Muslim community has people from many different backgrounds and we shouldn't ever allow any differences or injustices to develop here. If such an illness does exist within our society, it should be addressed and rectified immediately.

Allah has made all humans equal and its only ones piety that may rank one above another - not language, colour of skin, ethnic background, wealth, gender, status in society, caste or anything else. Let not our actions and prejudices take us away from the teaching of Islam and put us in the wrong.

All humans are equal and with this equality all mankind will face their creator and answer for all their actions and deeds. Anyone who was wronged in this life will claim his or her rights on that day. Let us rectify ourselves now and not carry any undue burden and sin that we will ultimately regret.

Reform: As a community we should be working together and spiritually regenerate ourselves and reforming our actions and deeds. This is the path of righteousness and piety, the path of justice and peace