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Who are we?

We are Muslims.A Muslim is a person who follows the commands of Allah and dedicates his or her life to live by those guidelines and commands.

What is our religion?

Our religion is Islam. Islam is an Arabic word which means peace and submission. By following the commands of Allah (by submitting our will to the will of Allah) we will get peace in this life and in the hereafter.

What does Surrendering our Will mean?

We surrender our will to Allah by doing what Allah commands us to do rather than what we want to do. Also it can be seen as doing only what Allah has allowed us to do and refraining from what Allah has forbidden us to do.

The example is that we might want to eat something like a sweet, which has haram ingredients. If we eat the sweet we are following our own will if we don't eat the sweet then we are following Allah's command.

What kind of peace do we get ?

The peace we get from Islam is

Peace within our community because Islam teaches us how to live as human beings and to respect and love one another
Peace within our selves by following the commandments of Allah, Allah gives us peace in our hearts. Also we have the assurance that Allah is with us and he will guide us and help us in this life and give us success in the hereafter.
Peace within the world by making all mankind as one nation. All Muslims are brothers and sisters to one another so they should look after and care for one another. If all nations did this then we would have world peace.
Peace in the hereafter by Allah granting us paradise if we live by and obey Allah's command

Islam is a Deen

Islam is not a religion in the normal sense. Islam is called a Deen that means Islam is a complete way of life. Islam tells us how to live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have to be Muslims everyday not on certain days and we have to follow all that Allah has taught us rather than what we want to obey.

Is Islam a new religion?

Islam is the religion that was sent by Allah to all his prophets. All nations were guided to follow Allah, to understand Allah and to worship him alone. The religions have changed since then because the followers use to change them.

Islam is the only religion that has not been changed by the people because we have the original message in the Quran and its explanation in the hadith. Allah said he would guard the Quran until the day of judgement.

Who is Allah?

Allah is the Lord and Creator of everything. Nothing was in existence until Allah created it. He alone sustains and maintains all creation and he alone has power over everything

Where is Allah?

Allah is not like a person where he might be in a building or a town or a country. Allah is all aware - He sees everyone and everything and he hears everything we say - even our inner most secrets. Allah is all-knowing.

What does Allah look like?

Allah is not like anything we can see or imagine. He is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. No one has seen Allah and no-one knows what he looks like. He is not like anything in creation or anything we can imagine in our minds. Allah is unique.

How can we know Allah?

By studying the Quran we are taught about the Qualities of Allah and through his names (or attributes) we can know Allah

He is Eternal
He is the most-merciful
He is the creator
He is self-sustaining
He all-knowing
He is all powerful
He is the source of peace and perfection
Master of the day of judgement

What does a Muslim look like?

Muslim comes in all shapes and sizes, different ages and colours. They are all normal human beings, the only thing that makes them different is that they believe in their hearts that Allah is one, he has no partners and he has no sons. There are no other gods apart from Allah.

A Muslim also believes that Muhammed is the messenger of Allah. He was selected by Allah to deliver the message of Islam to all mankind. All the people who obey the message are Muslims and all the people who reject the message are non-Muslims.

What is special about Muhammed and his message?

Muhammed was a normal person like you and me. The difference was Allah had selected him to tell all mankind about Allah and how to live their lives.

How was Muhammed different from other prophets?

He came to all the people not only to the Arabs. Previously the other prophets had only come to their own people
The message of Muhammed was going to be preserved until the day of judgement. The Quran is the word of Allah and it is in the same form, word for word, when it was revealed 1400 years ago. The life of the prophet has been recorded in the Hadiths which are also with us today.
The Miracle of Muhammed is with us today. The other miracles the prophets came were only to their people and we can not see them today. The Miracle of the Quran is with us today for All mankind to see and witness.
He was the last prophet, there will be no more prophets after him. Anyone who claims to be a prophet after Muhammed is a liar and a non-believer.