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How does the day of judgement begin?

The day of judgement will begin when the Angel Israfeel will blow the trumpet for the second time . All mankind will be brought forward from their graves - this includes all the people that had lived on the earth from the time of Adam (as) until the day of judgement. They will appear before their Lord (Allah) to account for al their action in the worldly life.

How long is the day of Judgement?

The day of judgement will not be the same as a day (ie not 24 hours) we have in this life. The day will be will be like 50,000 years and for some of the Believers the day will pass quickly.

What will the people be like?

People will be all in a very worried state on that day. Thy will think that they should have spent their time on earth more wisely and spent following Allah's laws. The mother, who is so caring for her children, will be more worried about herself then her children.

People will ask each other for good deeds and help but everyone will be too worried for themselves. People will feel that they had only spent a few hours on Earth when in actual fact they had spend maybe 50 or 60 years.

No more good deeds will be accepted on that day.

What about the Earth?

The earth will be completely different from today. The earth will be shaken up and the mountains will become like flakes of cotton wool. The whole universe will be destroyed. The sun will be closer and the people will be suffering from the heat and sweating. There will be no shade on that day apart from the shade Allah provides for some of his servants.

What will the people do on that day?

The people will turn to their prophets and ask them to intercede to Allah on their behalf. The prophets will be too worried about themselves and will not be able to help their people. The prophets will say go to such and such a prophet and they will continue until they come to Muhammed (PBUH). Our prophet will then go to Allah, bow before him and then ask to intercede on behalf of all the Muslims.

What are the scales?

Our deeds will be brought forward and put on the scales. This will determine whether we had been good or bad. Our hands, feet, tongues etc will all bear witness against us for all that we did. The earth will also be a witness.

If our scales have more good deeds then Allah will allow us to enter (Jannat) paradise. If our deeds are more bad then we will be sent to the Jahanam (hell-fire), unless Allah forgives our sins.

Allah will give us scrolls tell us whether we passed the test or not. We will get it in the right hand if we are successful or in the left, behind our backs if we are not successful.

What is the Pool-Sirat?

The Pool-Sirat is a bridge, which runs across Jahanam. Everyone will pass across this bridge to enter paradise. The non-believer or those who failed the test will fall into the fire whilst the good Muslims will pass across it very quickly and enter paradise.

The bridge has been described in a Hadith as being sharper than a sword and thinner than a hair.

What will heaven and hell be like?

Heaven and Hell ( and even the day of judgement) is very difficult to imagine. A Hadith tells us that they will be like something that no eye has seen, no ear has heard off and has not passed through the heart of any person. This means that it is very difficult for us to imagine what it will be like but Allah has given us some information to help us understand some aspects of it.

Heaven (Jannah)- A place where every desire is fulfilled, free of any hardship and pain.

Abu Hurayrah reported that Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him) said:

"He who gets into Paradise [will be made to enjoy such an everlasting] bliss that he will neither become destitute nor will his clothes wear out nor will his youthfulness decline." [Muslim]

Hell (jahanam):- A place where people are punished for their bad actions, an eternal place of suffering and pain.

Muslim narrated in his Sahih:

"He does not think that any other person is tortured more severely than him although he is in the least torture." [Muslim]

Will people ever come out of Hell-fire?

Generally, the people in Hell fire will be there for eternity (forever). There will be some people that will have Iman inside their hearts and Allah will forgive these people eventually and take them out of Hell fire. One of the Attributes of Allah is that he is all-merciful so he does forgive some of these people even though they may have been bad Muslims in their lives.

However, the disbelieves will be in Hell for eternity.

How many heavens are there?

There is only one heaven but it has 100 different stages - the highest stage is called Jannat ul Firdos. The level of Jannat a person will go to depends upon how good they were in their life on earth. The greatest rewards a person will be given in heaven is that they will see Allah.

Everyone will be content with whatever Allah gives him or her. They will be able to meet each other and meet their former family and friends.