Downloads Section

This is the download section for Musalla. This includes class notes which are used to teach children in Islamic classes. Feel free to use any of the material on this site. All efforts are made to ensure that this section is free from errors, if you find ay mistakes then please drop us an email and we will insha-Allah rectify it.

• Mosque School presentation
Old presentation for school visits

• Islamic Activity Book 1
The Islamic Activity Book can be downloaded in pdf format

• Islamic Activity Book 2
The second Islamic Activity Book can be downloaded in pdf format

• Seerah Coursework
If you are teaching seerah… we have some excellent resources for you submitted by Sister Aminah

• Islamic Worksheets
A series of worksheets and lessons on Basic Islam and Adaab. Some files may need open office (www.openoffice.org) - free download

• School visits Newsletter
The newsletter used during school visits covering the basics of Islam. This is an A3 double sided document in pdf format

• Seerah Posters
Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Some seerah posters to enjoy