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Basic Islam
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Basic Islam These simple lessons teach us about some basic principles of Islam. They were originally written for children taught in Central Scotland. Please feel free to read and use the notes as appropiate.

If you think some changes are needed or the text needs edited in any way then please send us an email.

1. Basic Islam One
Who are we? We are Muslims.A Muslim is a person who follows the commands of Allah and dedicates his or her life to live by those guidelines and commands.
2. Basic Islam Two
What was the message of Muhammed? The message of Muhammed was essentially Tawheed. Tawheed is to believe in Allah in the correct manner (i.e. he is one, he has ...

3. Basic Islam Three
Who were the Prophets of Allah? The prophets of Allah were people that were selected by Allah to deliver his message. These people were normal people that Allah...

4. Basic Islam Four
What is the Unseen? The Unseen is quite a large part of our beliefs. There are some things that Allah has created that we can no see or hear but we believe in t...

5. Basic Islam Five
How does the day of judgement begin? The day of judgement will begin when the Angel Israfeel will blow the trumpet for the second time . All mankind will be bro...

6. Basic Islam Six
Why do people die? Death is the only guaranteed in this life. Allah teaches us that after a person is born he will spend a certain amount of time on earth then ...